Justin Bieber Buys Himself A Private Jet For Christmas: How Nice!


Justin Bieber new private jet

We highly doubt newly-blonde Justin Bieber was on Santa’s good-boy list this year, but the singer purchased himself a luxurious Christmas present.

Bieber took to social media to show off his brand new private jet.

Justin posted photos of his new luxury jet on Shots, the social media selfie platform he helped fund.

Justin Bieber shows off new jet

He also posted a photo on Instagram, captioning the picture, “New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful.”

Photos of Justin Bieber's jet

Justin’s new plane cost close to $60 million, but he is worth around an estimated $200 million.

The Biebs is clearly loving his expensive new toy, but several followers bashed the singer for posting the pictures.

One Instagram follower wrote, “This is sad… There’s millions of children with nothing for Xmas and ur posting s**t like this? I hope ur giving back honey Cuz karma sees everything u do”.

Another user stated, “People are struggling to put food on their table and get their kids gifts for christmas and here you go posting a picture of the private jet you got as a gift. What a f**king d**chebag.”

Justin Bieber shows off new plane

In all fairness, it’s not Justin’s fault others are having difficult financial times. But he does appear to be a spoiled brat.

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Images: wenn.com/Instagram


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