Josh & Anna Duggar Expecting Baby #4! (VIDEO)


Anna Duggar pregnant again

The Duggar family continues to grow, with Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar announcing they are expecting their fourth child!

The reality stars of “19 Kids And Counting” made the announcement in a video.

Many fans were disappointed after the “19 Kids and Counting” episode featuring Anna Duggar taking a pregnancy test that turned out to be negative.

But of course the episode was filmed months previously and the couple shared their happy news.

The Duggars announced their baby news on social media and in a brief video.

Anna Duggar tweets about pregnancy

Anna says she is currently nine weeks pregnant and experiencing a lot of morning sickness. She also discusses the differences in this pregnancy compared to others, as she will be in Washington D.C. instead of back home in Arkansas. She says she is unsure yet if she will have another homebirth or if she will go with a hospital birth since she won’t have all the family support of the large Duggar clan this time around.

Josh and Anna Duggar have made it clear from the start that they will follow the Duggar way and would love to have as many children as God would allow.

The couple previously said, “We’re really just going to take it one at a time. I don’t think you can say we’re going to set out and say we’re going to have five kids or four or three. We have no control over that. God has the control.”

Anna and Josh Duggar having fourth child

Of course Josh and Anna’s baby won’t be the only Duggar baby this year. Jill Dillard is expecting her first child in March of 2015.

And who knows…Jessa Seewald, the most recently married Duggar, could end up pregnant before the end of the year!

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