Jeremy Bieber Accused Of Hurling American Bulldog Off Second Floor Balcony


Justin Bieber & Jeremy Bieber

Justin Bieber‘s dad, Jeremy Bieber, allegedly threw an American bulldog named Karma off a balcony into a snow bank after flying into a rage after the dog bit his son Jaxon.

A dog trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk, reportedly witnessed the incident and took the dog for training. But neither Justin nor his father have gotten the dog back yet.

Back in December 2013, Justin Bieber purchased the 7-week-old American Bulldog puppy at Ruffin’s Pet Center in Stratford, Ontario, with his family. The puppy came from a breeder and not a puppy mill.

Justin Bieber's American bulldog Karma as puppy

Ruffin’s told media outlets the Bieber family were regulars at the store and had bought pets from the store before.

Justin’s sad was pissed after the dog bit his son Jaxon and tossed him off the balcony into the snow. We all know how children can be with pets…pulling their ears and tails…

The singer appears to have purchased the dog for his father, as well as his younger brother – Jaxon, 5, and Jazmyn, 7.

The dog trainer named Trevor was asked to take Karma back in February to socialize the dog.

Trevor Dvernichuk and dog Karma

Now Jeremy wants Karma back and is threatening to get police involved if the dog isn’t returned to him.

Trevor wants to give the dog back and doesn’t want a legal hassle but is concerned about the dog’s welfare. Who wouldn’t after the tossing incident?

Trevor Dvernichuk and dog Karma

Trevor, who says Justin owes him for her care and hasn’t bothered to pay up yet, added, “This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up.”

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Dvernichuk posted a crazy message that he says was sent to him by Jeremy Bieber:

“You steal my fukin dog and than start this shit you fukin goof. U come back here with nothing I bought all ur kids Xmas presence cause u had nothing u fukin bum. You always were a fukin loser. Good luck. Cops should be seeing you soon”.

Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy Bieber

Keeping it classy Jeremy!

Animal lovers are furious with Jeremy after the alleged abuse, but we’re sure Justin will stand by his father. They appear to be two peas in a pod.

This is one story we hope is not true. Animal abusers are the lowest of the low!

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