James Franco Hosts SNL With Help From Seth Rogen & Nicki Minaj (VIDEOS)


James Franco and Nicki Minaj SNL videos

SNL vet James Franco returned to the show for the third time last night, starring in several sketches with a little help from rapper Nicki Minaj and Franco’s pal Seth Rogen.

James started out with his monologue, with a little help from his friend.

Franco and Rogen took the opportunity to get out ahead of the leaks by “fessing up to some embarrassing details” of their private lives before they’re inevitably leaked across the web.

“Grow-a-Guy” sketch

O’Brien teaches Franco how to be human :

Saboski Crystals girls

(with Seth Rogen and Franco):

Stars Wars 2:

Peter Pan Live!

Jingle Ballerz

Hip Hop Nativity:

One of our fav sketches of the evening!

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Images: NBC


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