Hot Guy Covers “All I Want For Christmas” In 20 Different Styles (VIDEO)


Anthony Vincent can sing any music style apparently

If you haven’t ever heard of Anthony Vincent, you won’t forget him after watching this video.

Vincent has an awesome vocal range and can pull off tons of music styles, as evident in his cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” video.

Anthony mimics the singing styles ranging from Tom Jones and Alvin & The Chipmunks to Ronnie James Dio and Meshuggah. The latter two are my personal favorites.

Vincent is known for his “Ten Second Seconds” series, where he plays on style of a singer and then switches to different singers for another part of the song.

He combines all the music and makes an awesome creation.

Anthony Vincent Mariah Carey song cover

Vincent is also in a band called Set the Charge.

He said of his band, “It’s funny, it’s been a project of mine for years, but it was never taken seriously. The band was just me and my brother. But when “Dark Horse” hit (his song of Katy Perry’s), the band started to get some subscribers. ‘We gotta get our shit together!’ So we filled out our lineup.

“We’re working on new material, and we’re actually going to be filming our first music video — one of our brand new songs we’re going to be doing over at the YouTube studios in December. It’s cool for the people who found us because it’s like they’re watching a baby in an incubator. I love doing the Ten Second Song stuff, it’s a lot of fun. But of course, I’m an artist myself, and I want to show my own voice to the masses as well”.

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