Fargo Star Adam Goldberg’s Girlfriend Pregnant Following Tragic Loss In 2012


Adam Goldberg & Roxanne Daner pics

Adam Goldberg and his girlfriend, Roxanne Daner, are expecting again, following the loss of their full-term baby in 2012.

The couple were reluctant to announce the pregnancy after their previous heartbreak.  The actor revealed their happy news during the WTF podcast.

The actor confirmed the happy news during WTF Podcast with Marc Maron last week, revealing, “We weren’t going to tell anybody – I mean it’s obvious. She’s gigantic. But we weren’t going to tell anyone unless you ran into her”.

Here’s the NSFW podcast (offensive language warning):

The former Friends actor, musician, and photographer spoke publicly for the first time about the tragic death of his first child.

Goldberg said, “I haven’t said this. I haven’t talked about this at all. My girlfriend – we’ve been together for several years – we had a stillborn child about a year and a half ago.  I’ve talked about it but not really in a public fashion. Totally awful, especially because I had been ambivalent of having children”.

Fargo actor Adam Goldberg opens up about losing first child

The 43-year-old Saving Private Ryan actor adds, “It was four days after the due date. It was horrifying and it was also my worst fear.”

Tests on the baby revealed an extremely rare chromosomal defect, but adds they will never know for certain.

Adam and Roxanne are trying to be positive throughout the pregnancy, but admits they are really scared.

He told Maron, “Unfortunately we’re both freaked out, it’s just not fun”.

We hope everything will go smoothly for the couple and that they’ll welcome a healthy baby soon.

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