Dwyane Wade’s Fox Sports Interview Hijacked By Wife Gabrielle Union (VIDEO)


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade had a great return to basketball after a seven-game absence on Sunday, scoring 27 points with five assists on 11-of-18 shooting in a victory for the Miami Heat.

His wife, actress Gabrielle Union, had a great time crashing his Fox Sports interview. Check it out!

The Miami Heat hit Madison Square Garden last night taking on the the New York Knicks.

Miami Heat beat the Knicks 86-79, but Wade’s postgame interview became the talk of the night thanks to his wife.

Gabrielle Union gives her own post-game analysis

Speaking to a reporter who asked about his high points and low points during the game, Wade said, “I just stayed with it, my teammates did a great job of keeping me into it. I got a little frustrated early on… guys ain’t played with me in a while…”

Dwyane was then interrupted by Gabrielle, who weighed in with her own post-game analysis.

Dwyane Wade finds his wife's interruption amusing

Gabrielle took the liberty of answering questions on her husband’s behalf as her hubby looked on and smiled.

“It was uh, it was okay!” she told the journalist. “It was okay, I mean, a hamstring pull… wow,” Union joked.

Dwyane Wade laughs after wife's videobombing

Wade looked at his wife and asked if she was photobombing his interview.

“Yeah, um, wow… to come back with 27 points, we’re gonna talk about the free throws later… and uh…” the actress joked.

Wade shook his head and laughed, while Union smacked his backside, adding, “He did good, for an old geezer. It’s nice, it’s good.”

Dwyane and Gabrielle tied the knot in Miami this past August after five years together.

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