Dustin Diamond (Screech) Charged With Felony After Stabbing Incident (VIDEOS)


Dustin Diamond aka Screech

Did Saved By the Bell’s Screech, Dustin Diamond, really shiv a guy during a bar brawl?

The former actor was arrested early Friday morning following a bar fight and stabbing in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Diamond was charged with felony second-degree recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct, and carrying a concealed weapon while his fiancee, Amanda Schutz, was booked with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Late at night on Christmas Day at the Port Washington Grand Avenue Saloon, Dustin Diamond and his fiancee Amanda Schutz were having drinks when a fight broke out.

One eyewitness stated, “I ran over there to break up the fight and someone yelled out, ‘he’s got a knife'”.

Dustin Diamond stabbed a guy in bar brawl?

The witness revealed that Amanda had started a fight with another female because she was upset photos were being taken.

After a fight broke out, one man discovered a half-inch puncture mark in his right armpit.  Police arrived on the scene observed a “significant amount of blood” but the injury wasn’t considered life-threatening.

Diamond and Schutz had already taken off by the time cops arrived, but police caught up to Dustin’s SUV soon after.

Police found a stiletto-folding knife with a 3.75-inch blade with blood still on the tip.

During questioning, Diamond first admitted to the stabbing but claimed it was accidental. He also stated he couldn’t remember if he stabbed the man with a knife or a pen.


WDJT CBS 58 News interviewed the owner of the Grand Avenue Saloon, Randy Buser.

Buser said, “His girlfriend or wife or whoever he was with, got up and choked another patron and that is what started the incident. Screech ended up getting out a knife, I think to scare everyone off a little bit, and left the scene shortly thereafter.”

Josh Plier, a local resident of Dustin Diamond’s community, had negative comments about Diamond’s reputation and stated, “Everything I’ve heard about him is not positive … he’s kind of a jerk to everyone and thinks he is on top of the world because he was on some show in the 1990s.”

Diamond faces four charges including one felony of second-degree reckless endangerment charge and two misdemeanors including carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct/use of a dangerous weapon that add up to 10 years in jail. Dustin Diamond has no previous arrest records.

Dustin’s next court appearance will be December 29. If someone pays his $10,000 bond, the judge says he must steer clear of bars, taverns, and other drinking establishments.

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