Check Out This Guy Adorned With Christmas Lights Dancing To Sia In Ikea (VIDEO)


Sia male impersonator in Ikea

We are loving this funny video of a man named Ryan Nelson decked out in a leotard covered with Christmas lights as he dances around Ikea to Sia’s beautiful song “Chandelier”.

Ryan Nelson surprised customers and employees in his local Ikea with a pretty impressive dance routine.

Ikea shoppers got way more than they bargained for when Nelson came out in a blonde wig and leotard as he friends filmed him dancing around the store.

Guy in leotard dancing in Ikea

The five o’clock shadow and armpit air just adds to the hilarity of the video.

Shopper stop to record Ryan’s dance moves as Ikea employees try to put a stop to the shenanigans.

Guy in leotard dancing in Ikea

If you aren’t a fan of Sia yet, check out her gorgeous voice in this acoustic version of her song “Breathe Me”.

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