Britney Spears Shows Off Her Slender Figure: Reveals Her Workouts!


Britney Spears covers Women's Health

Britney Spears, who recently turned 33-years-old, has been working out and it shows!

The singer showed off her trim figure in the pages of Women’s Health magazine, revealing her exercise routine these days.

Spears told the publication, “My hips are a little bit wider because I’ve had kids. So it was crucial for me to be continuous with my exercise”.

The singer showed off her figure in a bikini with the headline, “Hottest Shape of Her Life Without a Trainer.”

The “Work B–ch” singer reveals she really doesn’t depend on personal trainers for motivation.

Brit Brit explained, “Daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically. I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I didn’t have a problem being motivated.”

Britney Spears looking good and feeling good

The singer who is performing in Las Vegas these days, adds, “Dancing is a great cardio workout — tough and fun at the same time”.

Spears shared her workout routine, stating, “I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio—usually running— move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as pushups, squats, and situps, then finish it off with a stretch”.

The singer is also watching what she puts into her body these days.  She said, “I’m really into raw food — sushi, basically” or “any kind of fruit.”

Britney Spears looks great

She said she still indulges in sweet tea.  Well, she is a southern girl!

Britney Spears recently celebrated her 33rd birthday and said, “I’m not about the biggest and the best. I’m about enjoying my life, more than anything.

Britney Spears & Charlie Ebersol pics

The singer is now dating Charlie Ebersol and enjoys spending time with her beau and her two sons – nine-year-old Sean and eight-year-old Jayden.

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