Blake Lively Reveals Her Family’s Fun Christmas Traditions (VIDEO)


Blake Lively shares her family Christmas traditions

Blake Lively, who is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, talked about her favorite family traditions on Christmas.

The 27-year-old actress revealed that her parents and her four older siblings – Eric, Lori, Robyn, and Jason – spend the day in bed together.

The Gucci Premiere spokesmodel revealed, “I don’t know how my family tends to…everybody gets in the same bed.  Somehow we just spend seven hours a day all together just chatting and it’s really nice to have that time, because it’s rare that we get together for such a nice chunk of time.”

Blake continued, “We never leave the house. We’re together all day whether we’re making gingerbread houses, or baking cookies, or sitting around and watching movies all piled up.”

Lively also said her parents Ernie & Elaine both bake delicious cookies, but her father is better about ‘sharing them.’

Ernie Blake (Blake Lively's father), Blake Lively, Blake Lively's mother

The Preserve founder said the smell of spruce reminds her most of Christmas and she enjoys watching movies such as Holiday Inn and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Blake and Reynolds are expecting their first child and Ryan said he is prepared to change diapers.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

The Captive star said, “I don’t have a weak stomach.  I’m good with diapers and diarrhea and all that kind of stuff because I have lots of nieces and nephews, so I’ve done it all before.”

Ryan adds, “We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but whatever it is, you have this tether to reality that never goes away.”

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