Awkward Christmas Family Photos & Viral Christmas VIDEOS!


    Awkward Christmas family photos

    Tis the season to pose with your local Santa Claus for a family portrait, at times with unwanted hilarious results!

    Let’s take a look at some of the funniest awkward family Christmas photos and some great viral Christmas videos to get us in a festive mood!

    Even the baby knows this family Christmas photo is a hot mess!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

     Dad looks thrilled to see his teen daughters receive sexy panties in their stocking from Santa!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    It looks like little Suzy wanted what her younger sibling got for Christmas:

    Maybe Dad could have chosen a more appropriate t-shirt for his photo with Santa!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    This family really seems to be enjoying their get-together party:

    A very redneck Christmas.  This photo was obviously intentional, but pretty awesome!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    This affectionate couple appears to have forgotten they have a baby in their Christmas photo!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    Dad didn’t feel the need to put on clothing for their Christmas photo this year:

    Funny but we totally understand thinking of your pet as your fur baby!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    These poor children aren’t having anything to do with Santa Claus:

    Someone has been a very good boy this year for this “saxy” Santa picture.  Umm… is he wearing speedos?

    Nothing screams family Christmas photo like Mom in red latex!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    Santa Claus is creeping this little girl out:

    Now sit still and be quiet so Santa will come:

    This couple didn’t want their adorable pooch to feel stupid. So they joined him!

    Awkward family Christmas pics

    Well, maybe the dog is Rudolph the red…  Anyway, at least they color-coordinated!

    It appears this Santa needs to be on the naughty list.  A little pervy!

    A lovely Christmas photo any mother would be proud to display on the mantel:

    Someone isn’t very happy about posing for a family Christmas portrait this year. But Mom is thrilled!

    Interesting facts about one of our favorite Christmas movies ever! Check it out!

    A man enlists his mom to prank one another with crazy Christmas list items:

    You may be sick of Frozen and the song “Let It Go”, but this Christmas light display is amazing. The video has over 5 million hits already!

    Pentatonix has debuted a their second Christmas album, titled That’s Christmas To Me.  They released a stunning music video off the album for their take on the Christmas classic Mary, Did You Know.  The video has already 20 million views.

    Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé – Baby It’s Cold Outside

    The Prancing Elites are Alabama’s greatest “all-male, African-American gay dance team”, but apparently organizers of this Alabama Christmas parade didn’t check out a demonstration before the event.  Hilarious, but quite impressive!


    A very merry Chuck Norris Christmas!  Chuck Norris says Santa Claus was real…until he forgot his present.

    Awkward Christmas caroling:


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