Anna Kendrick Chats On Letterman About Incognito Sex Toy & Ambien (VIDEOS)


Anna Kendrick's hilarious Letterman interview 2014

“Into the Woods” actress Anna Kendrick is as funny in real life as she is on the big screen.

The actress joked with host David Letterman about a strange toy from earlier in his program, which she felt looks oddly sexual.  We have to agree!

Letterman had shown off a toy earlier in the evening, a puppet cat’s paw for the aspiring ventriloquist in your life.

Anna Kendrick on Letterman video 2014

Anna said she thinks the toy looked like a sex toy with a mitten thrown on top of it and then sold to kids.

Letterman appeared to cringe, but did admit the toy looked a little suspicious after her comments.

Anna Kendrick says cat toy looks like dildo


The Pitch Perfect star was asked about her flight from London the previous night, with the actress telling a funny story about her use of the sleep aid, Ambien.

The 29-year-old actress told Letterman, “It’s a hell of a drug, a hell of a drug. I just sort of black out the second that I take it, and it’s like, I wake up, and I wake up to a surprise every time — like all my DVDs are in my fridge or something. Surprise!”

Anna Kendrick on Late Show With David Letterman 2014

She shared her most recent funny experience with the drug was on a plane.

“This last time I took it as soon as we took off, and I remember thinking, ‘Ah, I should put on something comfy to sleep in,'” she began. “And then nothing. And when I woke up, I was wearing everything that was in my carry-on bag, and I had a 90-second video of my salad. Not like an accident — like, I was Scorsese filming this salad.”

Kendrick said she could not recall anything that happened in her Ambien haze.

“The troubling thing about everything in my carry-on was that I clearly had the thought [to] put on some sweatpants or something — it’s a long flight — but I thought, well, changing would be a hassle,” she told Letterman. “So it’ll just go straight over the jeans, straight over the boots. So that first layer was the outfit I boarded in, and then sweatpants. And then I guess I must have thought, ‘Well, I like all these clothes. I mean, that’s why I packed them. So I’ll just put them on.'”

Anna Kendrick tweet

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