Watch Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves (VIDEO)


Scott Foley has "raper face?"

We know how brave people can be online and Twitter trolls can say some pretty hurtful things.

These celebrities chose to laugh them off in a segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Britney Spears is happy and healthy these days and can shrug off stupid mean things people throw at her.

Britney Spears reads mean tweet

The 32-year-old singer actually found the scathing message about her pretty amusing.

The popular bit on the late-night show for the 8th in the series included Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, Ty Burrell, John Stamos, Chris Pratt, and more.

Gwyneth read the cruel tweet directed at her that stated, “You ugly a** big bird looking b***h, shut the f**k up.”

“Modern Family” star Ty Burrell received a backhanded compliment from one troll, stating, “Ty Burrell looks like Jon Hamm… if Jon Hamm was a crack addict.”

Chris Pratt mean tweet

Ouch! It’s cool that Jimmy Kimmel’s show has taken something so negative like bullying and found the funny side of the ridiculous tweets.

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