Uh-Oh! These Mischievous Brothers Got Into The Art Paint! (VIDEO)


Two brothers covered in paint

These two adorable brothers, Ryder and Sawyer DiMario from San Diego, California, were caught red-handed (as well as green and brown) by their father Cris.

The boys had some explaining to do and dad could barely keep a straight face. Most of us have been there before!

The father decided to capture the naughty moment as his sons tried to explain their actions.

They dad asked, “Whose idea was this?”

The boys look at each other, probably trying to decide who is willing to take the blame.

Little boys got into the art paints

The father questions his paint-covered sons, “Did you think this was a good idea? Who got the paint out?”

Ryder, three, points at Sawyer, two, and said he got the paints by “building stairs with wooden blocks.”

Sawyer is seen covering his face with his hands, apparently ashamed.

But DiMario realizes both boys were in cahoots, asking the older sibling Ryan, “How come you didn’t tell him ‘no’? Who’s the big brother?”

The father knew he needed to teach them a lesson but found their cute little faces too funny.

He tried to compose himself as he tells them they are in “big trouble”, but couldn’t hold back his laughter.

The painted boys’ mother, Alecia, said of the video, “I’m glad people see the humor in this and that so many were able to reminisce and relate.  [It’s] just a great reminder not to take ourselves or our children too seriously.”

Too cute!

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