U2 Frontman Bono Lucky To Be Alive After Jet Door Falls Off During Flight


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Bono and four friends cheated death yesterday when a rear door of their private jet fell off mid-flight during a trip from Dublin to Berlin.

The Irish rocker was on a Learjet 60 D-CGEO during the two-hour trip when the tailgate became detached.

The U2 singer was the only member of U2 on the plane. His bandmates Larry Mullen, the Edge and Adam Clayton were due to fly separately late last night.

The group were lined up to accept an award at the Bambi International Music awards in Berlin, but Bono flew out early to attend a diplomatic function with the German minister of economic cooperation and development, Gerd Mueller.

Bono aboard jet when door fell off mid-flight

Bono and his crew reached the German coast, flying at about 8,000ft, the tailgate of the plane became detached.

A source close to the singer stated, “He was extremely lucky, the plane could have gone down. About an hour into the journey they heard a big thud coming from the rear of the plane.

“They were startled for a bit but they continued on and made the descent into Berlin airport. When they landed they were horrified to learn that the compartment at the rear of the plane had completely detached.

“The entire door along with Bono and his companions’ luggage had fallen out mid-air. They don’t know if the door and the contents landed over water or land but they were extremely lucky. They were at an altitude where anything could have happened and they are all feeling very lucky to be alive.”

Bono's plane suffers scary incident

Aviation authorities in Germany have launched an official probe into the incident as it began its descent into Berlin’s Schoenefeld Airport.

The Learjet 60 was preparing for landing when at 12.27 p.m. on Wednesday an 80 x 100 cm chunk of the plane door just fell off.

Thankfully the door was outside the pressurized area of the cabin. The jet plane landed minutes later.

On Thursday morning, officials from the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigations Office were with police officers scouring fields around the area of Ostprignitz-Ruppin looking for Bono’s luggage and material from the plane which would aid into the probe about how the accident occurred.

Bono is due to fly to the US later this week where he will appear with U2 on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.  We would feel uneasy about flying after that scare!

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