Tony Hawk Tries Out The New Hoverboard…It’s Not A Hoax This Time (VIDEOS)


Tony Hawk rides the new real hoverboard

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk tried out the Hendo Hover, a totally real hoverboard (no disappointing hoax this time around).

The hoverboard hovers an inch off the ground, no doubt inspired by Marty McFly’s awesome hoverboard from “Back to the Future Part II”.

“This is real, folks,” skateboard icon Tony Hawk Hawk says in a new video promoting the product. “This is the real hoverboard right here, so forget everything you know.”

Hendo teamed with Hawk to demonstrate the current capabilities of the Hendo hoverboard.

In the video, Hawk shows off Hendo’s hoverboard on a copper-lined skate ramp at Arx Pax Labs in Los Gatos, California and attempted to pull off a few tricks.

The hover engine reportedly works with Lenz’s law, using a magnetic field to create a secondary magnetic field on a conductive surface.

Hendo hopes to put hover technology in the hands of inventors around the world with a Kickstarter campaign that includes a real hoverboard and a hover developer kit called the Whitebox.

Hendo hover really hovers one inch from ground

The campaign has raised nearly $500,000, close to double its initial goal.

The current model works only over a copper surface, with a battery life of approximately 7 minutes.

Marty McFly wannabes paid $10,000 for the privilege of owning one in a year’s time.

Marty McFly hoverboard sort of a reality

Pretty cool, but if it’s difficult for pro Tony Hawk to ride…you can imagine it needs some fine-tuning.

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