Taylor Swift Plays A Psycho Girlfriend In Music Video For “Blank Space” (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift releases video for Blank Space

Taylor Swift has become known for writing songs about all of her failed relationships and is moving away from her good girl image in her latest music video.

In “Blank Space”, Taylor plays a heartbroken girlfriend that goes nuts after discovering her boyfriend was cheating.

The song from her brand new album 1989 shows the 24-year-old songstress breaking down in tears after she notices her man text another girl.

She then seeks her revenge.

Swift is shown living a life of luxury with her dream guy, with the video showing them painting portraits, enjoying time in the garden, and taking walks with their dog.

Things change after she suspects he is seeing someone else.

Taylor then takes jealously to another level by dropping her lover’s phone in the pool, setting his clothes on fire, and slashing the portrait she painted of him.

Taylor Swift's new video "Blank Space"

She is shown heartbroken from the betrayal as she stabs a large kitchen knife into a white heart-shaped cake, before hitting her man’s car with a golf club.

Taylor Swift as psycho girlfriend in  new video

The boyfriend freaks out at the crazy display and is shown driving away from the mansion, while a new man enters her life.

The lyrics state, “Got a long list of ex lovers. They’ll tell you I’m insane. ‘Cause, you know, I love the players and you love the game'”.

She also sings, “Boys only want love if it’s torture.”

Taylor Swift crazy girlfriend

Taylor admitted that there’s a huge difference between stepping out with someone who’s emotionally secure, and one who’s not.

She told The Sun, “I was thinking about this – boys only want love if it’s torture and a constant chase. Men want love if it’s real, right, healthy and consistent. Any girl who’s really thought a lot about romance and relationships and break-ups has determined that the male species has divided into two groups – and it’s boys and men. You can have a 40 year old boy and a 20 year old man – it depends on their emotional DNA.”

Taylor Swift has been romantically linked to One Direction’s Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Conor Kennedy, and John Mayer.

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