Steve Carell Sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” During Interview (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift thrilled over Steve Carell singing her song

Steve Carell revealed he is a big fan of Taylor Swift during an interview with Richard Travers as he promoted his new movie “Foxcatcher”.

Carell began singing “Shake It Off” and Taylor Swift is on cloud nine after viewing the video!

The “Office” star was chatting with Richard Travers of “Popcorn” when he was asked him what kind of music he hears in his head.

The adorable Carell broke out in song!

Steve Carell singings "Shake it Off"


Travers started laughing and admitted that it was the last thing he ever expected from the hilarious actor.

Steve Carell Shake it Off video

Carell said of Taylor’s song, “I love it. I actually love Taylor Swift. I think she’s great.”

It appears the feeling is mutual and the “Shake It Off” singer tweeted a link to the video of Carell singing her song.

Taylor Swift thrilled with Steve Carell singing Shake it Off

Carell is currently promoting his dark new role in “Foxcatcher”.

Steve Carell plays very different role in FoxcatcherClick thumbnails for larger pictures


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