Star Trek’s “Uhura” Nichelle Nichols Detained At LAX: Companion Had Meth In Luggage!


Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura on the 1960s original “Star Trek” series, was reportedly detained at Los Angeles International airport.

The 81-year-old actress’ traveling companion, a younger male, was busted for having meth in his luggage.

Nichols was going through the American Airlines terminal when the discovery was made. The suitcase containing the drugs were attached to Nichols’ bags and had her name on the tags.

Law enforcement officials discovered the meth when the man’s suitcase fell to the floor and spilled open, revealing not only meth but drug scales.

The unidentified male was reportedly arrested for possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphanalia in his luggage.

Nichelle was apparently just as surprised by this discovery as the airport officials.

Nichelle Nichols photos

They determined that Nichols had nothing to do with the drugs and she was able to proceed with her flight as scheduled. The other guy wasn’t so lucky.

Nichelle is most famous for playing Uhura in the ’60s version of the popular sci-fi series. She later reprised her role as the spaceship lieutenant in the “Star Trek” feature films in the 1980s.

Nichelle  Nichols on Star Trek

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