“Sons Of Anarchy” Cast & Creator Appear On “Conan” Show (VIDEOS)


"Sons of Anarchy" cast on Conan show

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter and the cast made an appearance on “Conan”, which featured the ginger host as a biker in one clip.

Check out the great interviews with sexy Charlie Hunnam and more!

We love Conan’s cold open:

Conan O'Brien as biker

The guys almost get into an argument over who came up with the suggestion for a “Sons of Anarchy” Christmas special:

Handsome Charlie Hunnam explains how he said goodbye to Jax the day after the show wrapped by returning to the set.

Charlie Hunnam on Conan

Charlie also revealed his strange encounter with a fan. He recalls stopping at a red light recently on his Harley early in the morning and hearing someone yell, “Jax, I want to f–kin’ rape you.”

Theo Rossi and Tommy Flanagan edition: Someone once asked Theo if he’d sign her va*ina with his pe*is, while Tommy has been asked to autograph a vibrator.

The show’s creator Kurt describes one possible ending to Sons (but is totally kidding).

Drea de Matteo revealed to Conan that when she was booked for Conan’s show while she was on “The Sopranos”, she was so nervous that she called the day of the appearance and lied to get out of it. She said her dog was dying and Conan even sent her flowers.

The tourism commercial for Charming:

Best video (NSFW): The tribute to Charlie Hunnam’s naked back:

Charlie Hunnam (Jax) tribute to naked back video

Jimmy on sex scenes with Katey Segal:


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