Snoop Dogg Compares Wiz Khalifa To A Dog (Photos)


Snoop Dogg isn't in position to make fun of people's looks

Snoop Dogg has no problem with poking fun at people’s looks, recently taking on Iggy Azalea and now rapper Wiz Khalifa!

Snoop posted an image he spotted on Instagram that shows Wiz and his purple dreads compared to a dog. We wonder if his pal Khalifa sees the humor in the photos!

Snoop ran across the funny meme on Instagram, posted by @swankyitsalifestyle amused Snoop so much he had to repost it.

The rapper captioned the photo, “Swank u wrong for this hahahahah!!”

Snoop posts photo of Wiz Khalifa and dog on Instagram

He may not have intended to insult his friend, but maybe couldn’t help himself because he found it hilarious.

Rapper 50 Cent saw Snoop’s Instagram post and couldn’t help but to laugh.

50 Cent wrote, “I can’t stop laughing oh sh*t, I’m starting to cry.snoop put this sh*t up.”

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson

Khalifa has been trying to separate himself from his stoner image, believing another image may help him expand his career into different roles in movies and other opportunities.

Wiz, who recently split from wife Amber Rose, told HardKnockTV, “I was just talking with one of my homies yesterday, I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a ‘stoner this’ or a ‘weed head’ that, which is cool, that’s what I built my marketing and my brand, but at the end of the day everyone who is successful in film or in music get’s high and they don’t look at them as the stoner.

“Once I get past that point, I think I’ll make more movies so to people it doesn’t look forced or look like I’m trying to change lanes or change gears. It’ll just be people ready for me to do that anyway.”

Wiz Khalifa rocking purple dreads

We have to admit the meme was funny, but it could hurt Khalifa’s feelings.  Or he could repay the favor and post one of Snoop. Time will tell!

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