“Simpsons” Co-Creator Sam Simon Says Terminal Cancer Has Been “Most Amazing Experience” (VIDEO)


Sam Simon has terminal colon cancer

“Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon has a positive mindset about living with a terminal colon cancer diagnosis, opening up about being told he had only three months  (that was in 2012).

Simon is giving his $100 million fortune to various charities, which helps feed children and gives better lives to animals.

Sam Simon was given only three months to live in 2012 and has since dedicated himself to helping others.

Simon continues to fund projects such as “Feeding Families” to help with the underprivileged and said he feels happier and more at peace than he ever has in his life.

Sam Simon giving millions to charity

Simon told NBC’s Maria Shriver Project during an interview from his Los Angeles mansion.

The 59-year-old said of his initial cancer diagnosis, “They said these are the scans of a dead man. I said, ‘Is it curable?’ And they said, ‘We don’t use that word.'”

He adds, “I will say that the doctor said, ‘I can’t cure you, but my job is to keep you alive. And he has done a remarkable job of it.  He has done great. I have never been happier, so thank you doctor.”

Sam Simon and Maria Shriver

Simon certainly hasn’t let the cancer damper his great sense of humor.

He told Maria, “Cancer is a horrible disease. I am struggling with it.  It’s everything that everybody always tells you. It’s a journey, it’s a fight. But, if you want publicity and you want to pick up girls, then cancer is the greatest thing in the world.”

Simon has no children and is not married so he wants to give his millions to causes he cares about.

He was married to actress Jennifer Tilly in the 1980s but divorced in 1991, but remain close friends.

Sam Simon & Jennifer Tilly

Simon has lived a year longer than doctors initially gave him and admits he feels happier as a result of his cancer diagnosis.

Sam explains, “Somehow I ended up surrounded by people who love me and take care of me and will do anything for me. That is called happiness. I think I may have had a problem letting it in before.  Cancer has been a fight, a journey, an adventure and the most amazing experience of my life.”

Sam Simon has great attitude about cancer

Simon, 59, is spending his final months funding projects that feed homeless people and save animals from being killed in animal shelters.

He said, “I have used my money along with Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA.  She came up with almost a therapy for me, where we planned and are still planning a series of animal liberations and actions that I get to participate in and enjoy.  It gives me something to look forward.”

He continued, “I get to watch these animals that have been in concrete bunkers their whole lives take their first step on grass.”

Simon created the hit cartoon alongside Matt Groening in 1991. He technically retired from The Simpsons in 1993, but still receives tens of millions in royalties every season.

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