“Sherlock” Star Benedict Cumberbatch Engaged To Sophie Hunter


Benedict Cumberbatch engaged to Sophie Hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch is officially off the market after becoming engaged to theater director Sophie Hunter.

The “Star Trek Into Darkness” actor’s rep has confirmed the happy news.

The 38-year-old actor did things the traditional way, flying to Edinburgh to ask her mother’s permission for her daughter’s hand in marriage.

The engagement was revealed in a newspaper announcement, stating, “Mr BT. Cumberbatch and Miss S.I. Hunter: The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London”.

Benedict and Sophie have gone to great lengths to avoid being seen together in public since they first met in 2009.

They were first seen publicly together this June at the French Open but they first met when starring opposite each other in Burlesque Fairytales in 2009.

Benedict Cumberbatch engaged to Sophie Hunter

Benedict once revealed he’s a fan of women who don’t take themselves too seriously.  He said, “A woman who knows that she doesn’t have to get all decked out to look good is sexy. A woman who can make you feel smart with her conversation skills is also sexy. I believe the sense of humour is important. I also think someone who is good at working with others is sexy. It’s like playing a tennis doubles match. You need to be able to work well together if you are to stay as partners for a long time.”

Just last year, Cumberbatch said marriage is important to him.

He told Elle Japan, “It’s a wonderful thing to get married young and become a father. I used to think that I’d get married by my mid-thirties and have children. But now I think I can wait. I’m no longer in a hurry to get married. I would like to first get to know the partner and build a trusting relationship before making the commitment.”

Cumberbatch previously spent ten years with “The Thick Of It” star Olivia Poulet, before calling it quits in 2010.

The Sherlock star has been linked with several high-profile women, including “Star Trek” co-star Alice Eve and “Lord Of The Rings” actress Liv Tyler.

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