“Saturday Night Live” Hosted By Chris Rock: See Highlights (VIDEOS)


Chris Rock on Saturday Night Live 2014

Chris Rock was the host of “Saturday Night Live” and started his monologue off with touchy jokes about the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, and the Freedom Tower. Yikes! See the video highlights including Prince’s performance.

Rock started his hosting duties off by shaking things up and joking about taboo topics.

Chris Rock hosts SNL 2014

Chris’ opening monologue:

“How’s He Doing?”

This sketch consisted of a group of black panelists that feel it would take a miracle to stop them from supporting Barack Obama.


SNL Taylor Swift Swiftamine

Have you been suffering from dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath? Maybe you’ve discovered you actually like some of Taylor Swift’s music?

This was a funny sketch because we are not huge fans of Swifty, but her new song “Shake It Off” is really catchy.


SNL had a little fun with Katt Williams and Suge Knight’s arrest:

SNL takes on Katt Williams & Suge Knight arrest


Prince was the musical guest of the evening, playing a long set that included “Clouds,” “Marz,” and “Another Love.”

Prince performance on SNL 2014

Shark Tank: ISIS!

Chris Rock ISIS Shark Tank

This sketch was based off the television show “Shark Tank”, where business owners try to obtain funding for their products or services.

Women in the Workplace:

Janelle’s dance vlog

Chris Rock Janelle's dance vlog

In this sketch, Chris Rock plays a protective father that feels his daughter’s dance vlog is sending out the wrong idea. This dad may not know what fap means, but he can see viewers aren’t watching his daughter’s clips to learn dance moves.

What did you think of Chris Rock’s appearance and sketches? We like Chris Rock, but have to admit last night’s show fell flat.

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