Rapper Big Paybacc Shot Dead Inside California McDonalds


Big Paybacc targeted in shooting

Rapper Big Paybacc, whose real name is Habeeb Ameer Zekajj, was shot and killed inside a McDonald’s in Palmdale, California on Thursday as he sat eating lunch in the fast food restaurant.

The 38-year-old was clearly targeted by the gunman, who entered the restaurant at around 12:30 p.m.

Police responded to the call in the 37200 block of 47th Street East, where the rapper was pronounced dead at the scene.

There were around 15 people inside the McDonalds at the time of the murder.

Big Paybacc shot and killed

LA County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Corina stated, “There was no altercation. This guy just walked in through one door, shot him and left out another door.  So it looked like something personal. He had something against this individual. It wasn’t like he shot up the McDonald’s. He just shot him and left.”

Big Paybacc leaves behind girlfriend Jessica Jefferson, who said the rapper has three children.

Jessica Jefferson is girlfriend of late rapper Big Paybacc

She told CBS2 news, “I just knew it. I passed by here and I saw his truck. We were moving in together. You know we just talked to a landlord the day before and all his belongings are in the back of his truck we were going to move in together.”

Witnesses say Big Paybacc was seated at a table eating lunch when they observed a black man who was wearing a grey hoodie walk inside of the McDonald’s establishment and aim for the rapper. Police investigators are still looking for the murder suspect.

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