“Parenthood” Star Erika Christensen Engaged To Cyclist Cole Maness


Erika Christensen & Cole Maness

“Parenthood” star Erika Christensen and cyclist Cole Maness have been biking together for years and will now be heading down the aisle together!

The 32-year-old actress and cyclist are engaged!

The 32-year-old actress was overheard telling friends at Yellowtail Sunset in West Hollywood on Tuesday that is engaged, but has not yet set a date because of her hectic schedule with her television series.

Christensen does not seem to have worn any diamond engagement jewelry in public, but on November 7 she was photographed wearing a ring on her left hand during a celebration for “Parenthood” show’s 100th episode.

Earlier this month,  the “Traffic” actress said Maness’ bicycling had been rubbing off on her.

She revealed, “My bike is my main form of transportation, so I’ve got a red clip-on taillight. Sometimes, my boyfriend and I do evening rides to the movies or grocery store.”

The Seattle native dated Erik von Detten and James DeBello before she met Cole.

She has three brothers, Dane, Brando and Nick.

In 2013, Erika revealed she is a Scientologist.  She said, “If I had to sum it up, the goal of Scientology is giving the person back to themselves. Like, your own power of choice.”

Christensen goes on to discuss what she feels are misconceptions about the church, whose followers include Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

She revealed, “One, that we are some kind of closed group. Two, that we are the Hollywood religion and three, that we worship rabbits”.

Christensen explained she was introduced to Scientology as a young girl and that her parents are also Scientologists.

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