Paper Magazine’s Kim Kardashian Butt Cover Inspires Hilarious Memes!


Kim Kardashian Paper magazine butt memes

Kim Kardashian displayed her ample derriere on the cover of Paper magazine, but may not have received the reaction she wanted.

Hilarious memes of Kim K’s NSFW photo shoot were posted online just hours after the reality star debuted her photo meant to “break the internet”. Check out these amusing memes showing Kim as the butt of the joke!

Kim apparently hoped her oiled-up sexy photo would be go over well with fans, but instead inspired some comical versions of the photo.

People soon poked fun at the reality star with their own versions that show her as a centaur and a glazed donut.

Twitter user @KelKulus was reminded of a mythical creature when he saw the Paper magazine image, tweeting his own version with the caption, “Kim Kardashian looks so much like a centaur in Paper Magazine, I figured I’d take it one step further.”

Kim Kardashian Paper mag butt memes

On user joked that the Barclays Cycle Hire Docking Stations have been given a bootylicious makeover.  The user wrote, “@MayorOfLondon unveils new style Boris Bike rack coming to the streets of the capital soon”, alongside an image of Boris Johnson parking his bike between Kim’s cheeks.

Kim Kardashian Paper mag butt memes

@GeneralBoles killed two celebrity birds with one stone by photoshopping Russell Brand’s face onto Kim’s derriere with a speech bubble exclaiming ‘PARKLIFE!’

Kim Kardashian Paper mag butt memes

Food items has also been another way to describe Kim’s glistening derriere – from peaches to glazed donuts and other food items.

Kim and the giant peach: the soft fruit was another thing that looked like her behind:

Kim Kardashian just peachy

Krispy Kim makes an appearance:

Krispy Kreme Kim Kardashian


That user clearly wasn’t the only one thinking her oiled up buns looked like donuts:

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

Kim K’s booty resembles an Aero?

Kim Kardashian Aero meme

One person thought the reality star’s bum looks like two sausages:

Kim Kardashian booty meme

Kim K bum like potato:

Kim Kardashian booty memeHot doggin’ Kim K:

Kim Kardashian hot doggin'

Some believe Kim resembles a Barbie doll (apparently it’s the ghetto booty version):

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

One Twitter user did a photo of Kim’s derriere with asteroids surrounding it:

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

The user also gave Kim a surrealist makeover by Photoshopping her bottom onto her face, a literal butt-head:

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

One user Photoshopped the Rosetta probe landing on her butt:

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

Kim’s huge butt was photoshopped onto Mount Rushmore, alongside Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln:

Kim Kardashian Paper mag memes

Funny Kim Kardashian butt meme


Funny Kim Kardashian butt meme

Someone thought “Diehard” actor Bruce Willis’ bald head would look great on the giant bum:

Funny Kim Kardashian butt meme

Kanye tweeted his approval of the cover with the simple hashtag ‘#ALLDAY’.  We wonder if he’ll enjoy this meme:

Funny Kim Kardashian butt meme

Others criticized the mother-of-one for the risque photos.

Naya Rivera tweeted, “I normally don’t. But… you’re someone’s mother…”

Naya Rivera slams Kim Kardashian over booty pic

Another Twitter user had this to say

What do you guys think of Kim Kardashian’s revealing pictures for Paper Magazine?

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