“Orange Is The New Black” Star Taryn Manning Arrested!


Taryn Manning violates restraining order

Taryn Manning, who plays Pennsatucky on the hit Netflix show, was arrested on Tuesday for failing to appear in a New York court.

Manning had allegedly threatened to kill her former friend, Jeanine Heller, who she claims is stalking her.

The 36-year-old star was arrested for contempt after failing to appear in a New York court to explain why she allegedly threatening to kill the woman she says is stalking her.

The “8 Mile” actress was given a reprieve after the District Attorney declined to prosecute, meaning the star will not be charged and face court of the matter.

Manning will still have to explain why she violated her restraining order “threatening to kill Jeanine via text and social media”‘.

Taryn Manning's former pal is now her stalker

Court documents show that Taryn sent threatening messages including, “‘I will kill you, b***” and “Go f*** yourself and die”.

She also allegedly told the designer, “What’s taking so long? Shouldn’t you be dead by now?” Yikes!

Taryn and Jeanie have been in and out of court this year, with the star’s former friend arrested twice for contacting the actress.

Taryn Manning's stalker Jeanine Heller arrested

Last month, Jeanine was charged with second degree criminal contempt for violating an order of protection by contacting Taryn..

Manning claims Heller allegedly she sent her hundreds of online messages as well as sending texts and calling between April and July.

Taryn alleges her former friend “went on a campaign to make Taryn paranoid, claiming among other things one of Taryn’s friends was selling secrets to a gossip website”.

Actress Taryn Manning Host Body English

Jeannie is the founder of popular fashion parody label What About Yves, which is sold in Kitson.

Earlier this year the women were close and even went on vacation together.

The ladies were roommates until February 2013 when they parted ways.

Things went south when Taryn was told to get her belongings out.

“It was back and forth arguing to get her stuff out of my place,” Heller said. “I never threatened her or said anything angry. But what I received was shocking.” Heller claimed that one text she received from Manning told her to “kill yourself.”

Herller continued, “It showed me that this is a dangerous person that is capable of harming my life. I am fearful. Her actions are not that of a sane person. She doesn’t understand that what she has done has affected me for the rest of my life.”

“There are no charges against me. This is just further harassment,” Manning tweeted Wed. “It is troubling that the system can be used to abuse the actual victim.”

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