NOFX’s Fat Mike Makes Amends With Fan & Kick-Victim Alex (VIDEOS)


Fat Mike of NOFX

Remember the overzealous NOFX fan that crashed the stage and was welcomed by Fat Mike Burkett’s fist and foot in Sydney, Australia last week?

Fat Mike treated fan Alex to joining him on stage, meeting him backstage to give the frontman a revenge kick, and gave him a sweet signed t-shirt!

NOFX invited Alex to join them at their show at Sydney’s Enmore Theater on Friday night to try and make amends.

NOFX's Fat Mike invites beaten fan to join him on stage

(NSFW language):

We think that’s really cool of Fat Mike to do, especially when he made it very clear throughout his previous Sydney show that he was playing through the pain. He continued to do the show even with fans throwing things.

NSFW offensive language

Alex got to meet the band and Fat Mike backstage for a beer.

NOFX lets beaten Sydney fan kick him (kind of)

The singer apologizes for treating the fan so harshly and invites the guy to kick him in the shin as payback.

Fat Mike and others in the room realize the fan is wearing heavy boots so they offered a soft slipper for the kick. Of course the singer pretends to scream in pain and they shake hands.

Alex later tweeted that he had “fu*ked up the lyrics to Linoleum”, but had a great night.

Alex also got to hang with band and was given a custom memento of his first encounter with Mike, a signed t-shirt with an image capturing the kick.

NOFX gave Alex a cool t-shirt

We think that’s really cool of Fat Mike. Don’t you?


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