NOFX Frontman Mike Burkett “Fat Mike” Punches & Kicks Fan During Show (VIDEO)


Fat Mike of NOFX

A NOFX fan that got through security and made his way up on stage to hug Fat Mike got more than he bargained for when he was punched and kicked by the lead singer.

Sydney local Alex Medak attended the band’s Sydney show on Tuesday night, deciding it would be a great idea to grab a moment with his favorite rocker.

Mike Burkett aka “Fat Mike” had been complaining of neck pain throughout the show and impulsively reacted to Alex’s stage dash.

In the video, Alex can be seen sneaking up behind Fat Mike and throwing his left arm around the singer.

NOFX frontman apologizes for overreacting to fan

Just seconds later, Mike pushed him off and punched him as the fan fell to the floor. Then the punk singer proceeded to kick him in the face. Ouch!

Security guards surround the overzealous fan as Mike goes back to entertaining the audience.

The beaten fan took to his Twitter account to reveal himself and posted a message Fat Mike’s page.

Alex wrote, “@FatMike_of_NOFX thanks for the KO mike, didn’t hurt too much. Soz for creepin up on you like, punk shows are a bit different down here”.

Fat Mike actually replied to the fan, apologizing for his actions and offering to buy the fan a beer.

Mike wrote, “I’m sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted… offensively @alexanderpeterq”.

Fat Mike responds to hurt fan on Twitter

Alex replied to the singer, claiming he has drank far too much alcohol that night and he was to blame for the event and urged his Twitter followers to “calm down”.

Alex said, “@FatMike_of_NOFX No worries mike, i completely forgot you mentioned your neck hurting, I was way too drunk”.

Fat Mike offered to buy his Sydney fan a beer should he make it to Friday night’s concert at the Enmore Theatre.

NOFX singer offers to buy Alex a beer

Alex replied claiming he would love to attend the event but he could not afford to go.

Mike’s tour member Stephen Garret got in contact with Alex on Twitter, claiming he would add his name to Friday night’s guest list.

Garret tweeted to Alex, “Come back and find me. We will have a better night tomorrow!”.

Some users didn’t believe Alex, calling him out on the fact that he only created a Twitter account to tweet the NOFX frontman.

Alex from Sydney with busted lip

Alex replied, showing a picture of his swollen lip and holding up his NOFX ticket. He captioned the photo, “not a fake account, heres photo of my swollen lip and in what i wore”.

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