Is Miley Cyrus Really Pregnant? Life & Style Claims She’s Having A Lil Schwarzenegger!


Life & Style claims Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez are pregnant

Miley Cyrus is reportedly pregnant at 22 with new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger’s baby.  At least according to Life & Style magazine!

The publication reports that Miley discovered she was pregnant last month. Is it true?

A source revealed to Life & Style, “In late October, she mentioned that her period was late. She took two pregnancy tests. One came back negative — and the other came back positive. Friends are convinced she’s in the early stages of pregnancy.”

The pop star has been dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of actor Arnold and Maria Shriver.

Miley and Patrick let the world know they were a couple at a recent football game between Cal and USC in mid-November, but sources claim they dated for several months before going public with their romance.


Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus

Life & Style’s source claims that Miley has been buying pregnancy books, has stopped drinking and smoking, and has “weird cravings”.

The supposed insider claims Miley hasn’t shared the baby news with Patrick, stating, “She doesn’t want him to think she’s irresponsible”.

Cyrus is said to be thrilled about the baby, with the source saying, “She loves Patrick — and she loves the idea of having a Kennedy baby!”

Is Miley Cyrus having Patrick Schwarzenegger's baby?

Miley and Patrick actually dated for a short time in 2011, but the relationship fizzed out.  They remained friends and rekindled their romance this year.

Miley’s spokesperson commented on the pregnancy reports, simply saying the story is “not true”. The rep said, “Every day she’s either dead or pregnant.”

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