Meghan Trainor Teams Up With Jimmy Kimmel For Thanksgiving Songs (VIDEO)


Meghan Trainor Thanksgiving songs

Jimmy Kimmel brought up the point that there are not many Thanksgiving songs out there, but tons of Christmas music.

Kimmel  paired up with “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor as she belted out a few cringe-worthy songs from faux album.

Kimmel stated on last night’s show, “There are literally thousands and thousands of Christmas songs, but the closest thing we have to a Thanksgiving song is the theme from The Golden Girls and that to me is unacceptable.”

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Meghan, 20, filled that void in her Thanksgiving outfit in a video, belting out some funny Thanksgiving song titles.

Meghan Trainor fake Thanksgiving album

Here are some of the fake Thanksgiving album titles:

– “My Flight Got Canceled in Denver (I’ll Be Sleeping at an Airport Quiznos Tonight)”

– “I’m Not Bringing Leftovers on the Plane, Mom”

– “I Would Like to Leave (To Get Drunk With My Friends)”

Meghan Trainor funny Thanksgiving fake album


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