Macaulay Culkin Has Awesome Response To Death Hoax Reports


Macaulay Culkin responds to death reports

Former child star Macaulay Culkin became the latest celebrity to be rumored to be dead, with the death hoax going wild online over the weekend.

The report claimed that Culkin was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. The actor responded to the reports in an amusing way.

A website reported that the body of the “Home Alone” star was discovered in his New York City Apartment on Friday.

Fans began discussing it on social media and it became a trending topic to concerned fans.

Macaulay dispelled the myth in an awesome way, with a series of photos he posted on Twitter.

The actor tweeted a photo of himself on Twitter and wrote, “We’re on tour you silly people”.

Macaulay Culkin dispels death hoax

He later added another photo of his band Pizza Underground.

He captioned the photo, “One of the great things you can do when you’re alive is stop for lunch in Breaux Bridge, LA”.

Macalay Culkin (right) with Pizza Unnderground

Culkin continued poking fun at the ridiculous death reports by posting a photo of him appearing to be dead and carried by one of his bandmates with the caption, “Weekend at Bernies”.

Macaulay Culkin "weekend at Bernies"

Culkin even retweeted a fans post that read, “Macauley’s first words: ‘I’m alive!'”

We all remember Macaulay in the “Home Alone” movies. He later starred in the movies “Party Monster” and “Saved”.

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