Katy Perry Blasts Australian Paparazzi In Twitter Rant


Katy Perry on Sunrise in Australia

Katy Perry is currently on the road for her Prismatic World Tour, but her stop in Sydney, Australia has left her fuming.

The  singer took to Twitter Friday to bash relentless photographers who were following when she was taking a walk on the beach.

Perry ranted that the Australian paparazzi have “no respect, no integrity (and) no character”.

Katy said “many grown men” had followed her around a beach and would not leave her alone unless she let them take photos of her in her bathing suit.

Perry made it clear that photos taken of her at a Sydney beach were against her will, claiming they promised to leave her alone if they could take pictures of her in her swimsuit.

Katy Perry posts bikini photo on Instagram

In a series of tweets shared with her 60 million followers yesterday, Perry detailed the encounter, saying she had “plead” with the men to give her some space.

Katy Perry lashes out at paps on Twitter

She singled out infamous paparazzo Jamie Fawcett, claiming she had photos of his “tiny penis” and “large gut” in her possession.

Fawcett allegedly took pictures of Perry “while naked”, but there has been no confirmation of that.

In an attempt to shame them, Katy posted photos of the photographers she branded “stalkers”.

Katy Perry calls paps stalkers

The 30-year-old pop star is in Australia as part of her Prismatic World Tour, playing 23 dates in arenas across the country until the middle of December.

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