Katherine Heigl Tricked Husband Into Committing To Her Using John Mayer?


Katherine Heigl threatened to date John Mayer

Katherine Heigl has revealed she used a rather sneaky trick to convince her now-husband, Josh Kelley, to commit.

Heigl threatened to date singer John Mayer if Kelley didn’t marry her.  Smart or manipulative?

The “State of Affairs” actress,  who has been married to Josh Kelley since December 2009, spoke on “The Meredith Viera” show on Friday about her sneaky tactic.

Katherine Heigl on Meredith Viera show

The 35-year-old actress told Viera, “Around the same time I met Josh, I also met John Mayer. John Mayer and I are from neighboring towns and knew some of the same people. My Josh had gone off on tour and was playing hard to get. So I didn’t know – are we a thing? Are we a couple?”

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress then explained, “These musicians, they are competitive and jealous of each other. [So] over the phone, because he was on tour, I was like, ‘Josh, I’ve got to be honest. I just want to know where we stand because if not, I might try to pursue something with John'”.

Katherine Heigl & husband singer Josh Kelley

Heigl did eventually reveal her tricky little game to Kelley, admitting, “[I confessed] probably a year into our marriage. I was like, ‘You got played!'”

The couple,  who first met in 2005 when Katherine played his love interest in the music video for “Only You”,  have two children together. They have a five-year-old daughter named Naleigh and Adalaide, two.

Katherine also addressed the rumors that she is difficult to work with and rude, referring to her recent Facebook Q&A where she defended herself against the allegations.

‘She replied to one fan, “I don’t have to think about it. I’m not a rude person”.

Katherine Heigl is currently starring on a new NBC show, political drama “State of Affairs”.

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