June Shannon AKA Mama June Still Lying Through Her Teeth (VIDEO)


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Former “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star Mama June was caught in photos hanging out with the man that sexually abused her daughter, Anna.

She tried to deny it all at first, now explaining that she “wants to get the truth out there”. Umm…sure!

June Shannon, 35, told “Entertainment Tonight”, “It’s about getting the truth out there. I have nothing to hide”.

She sat down with ET in a new interview that will air on Thursday night .

Here is a preview clip:

Mama June appeared to get a little rattled when asked why she was spending time with her daughter’s alleged molester, Mark McDaniel.

June tried to explain, “The very first time we saw him was a coincidence. It’s not like I’m seeing him every day.”

Why in the hell would she see him at all?

June also claims she’s never read the court documents, where a grand jury accused McDaniel of “play[ing] videos depicting sexual acts for Anna Marie Shannon”, “fond[ling] the va*ina of Anna Marie Shannon”, “ejaculating on the person of Anna Marie Shannon,” and sodomizing the child.

Anna "Chickadee" Shannon Cardwell betrayed by Mama June

Anna was only eight years-old at the time.

June said of the horrific incidents, “I told Anna not to bring up the past again”.

She denied Anna’s claims that McDaniel fathered June’s daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 14.

Mama June stated, “Pumpkin’s real father is [sister] Jessica’s father…I lied to my family and told them it was somebody else…It’s Michael Anthony Ford…He was caught on [To] Catch A Predator back in 2005…He’s doing time for [sexual] exploitation of minors until 2026”.

Just wow! That’s so sad.

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