Jose Canseco Accused Of Threatening To Kill Former Fiancee Leila Knight


Jose Canseco & Leila Knight pics

Police were called to Jose Canseco’s Las Vegas home over the weekend after his fiancee accused him of threatening her life.

Police responded to an emergency call placed by Leila Knight late on Saturday, after she ended her engagement to Canseco.

She told officers Jose had “threatened to kill me and my mother” and had repeated the words “like, 20 times” after revealing she was leaving him.

Jose Canseco & Leila Knight photos

Canseco and Knight were questioned but no arrests were made after cops decided instead to issue warnings to both parties.

Leila said she had left him and was moving back to Los Angeles to resume her modeling career.

Knight says she dumped the former MLB star because “he’s an a–hole”.

Leila Knight Twitter posts

In response, Canseco took to Twitter to confirm the split, but denied making threats.

The former baseball star stated, “She’s slandering me because I don’t want to be with her… I fell out of love with her because she’s too controlling.”

Jose Canseco defends himself on Twitter

The couple became engaged in 2013.

News of the domestic incident emerges a month after Canseco was hospitalised after accidentally shooting himself in the finger while cleaning his gun.

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