Jim Carrey Takes Things Too Far Giving Haircuts On Kimmel (VIDEO)


Jim Carrey gives haircuts

Comedic actor Jim Carrey appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and gave two fans haircuts based off his signature bowl cut as Lloyd Christmas on the “Dumb And Dumber” movies.

Things started out amusing as  Jim Carrey used a stainless steel bowl to cut a male fan’s hair on the bang area.

Colby was  Jim Carrey's first victim

Jim had Colby of Huntington Beach sit down in the barber’s chair as he used a bowl to give him the iconic Lloyd hairstyle.

Thankfully Colby made off with just bangs like the “Dumb and Dumber” star.

The next female fan wasn’t as lucky.

This inspired Jim to pretend to sign her head with his clippers.

The 52-year-old comedian went a little crazy and nearly shaved a female fan’s head instead of giving her a bowl cut.

Jim Carrey cuts female fans hair off

The woman named Deanna certainly seemed clueless on just how far the comedian was going to go with the haircut as she looked shocked with how much he actually snipped off during his first go with the scissors.

He threw up his fan’s long blonde locks in the air before frantically chopping off even more of her hair as Deanna asked, “Where is the bowl? I feel more comfortable with a bowl”.

Jim Carrey goes nuts on fan's hair

The show cut away from Jim for commercial break as he worked on the fan’s hair only to return minutes later with her blonde locks almost shaved completely off with a few patches up top that appeared to resemble Carrey’s hand.

Deanna replied, “No I came down just to see the show. I wanted an autograph, that’s about it.”

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