Jay Leno Appears On “The Tonight Show”: Has A Bit Of Fun At Jimmy Fallon’s Expense (VIDEO)


Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Jay Leno returned to “The Tonight Show” on Friday, but this time as a guest with host Jimmy Fallon.

Leno couldn’t help but playfully take a few jabs at Fallon, but it was nice to see the comedian on television again.

The appearance marked the first time the 64-year-old comedian returned to the late show since retiring as host on February 6.

Leno enjoyed making fun of Fallon and reminded fellow guest Lucy Liu that he was her “first” (well, host of late night).

Jay and Jimmy recalled the time Jimmy asked for advice on buying an “old-timey” vehicle, but Leno joked that Fallon wouldn’t even be able to fix a classic car.

Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Leno told the audience, “Look at these hands ladies and gentlemen. That’s like a puppy’s paw,” Leno said, holding up Fallon’s hand to the camera. “This is the hand of a five-year-old and it’s actually pink!”

Lucy Liu came out and Jay joked that she could always talk to him if Fallon’s interviewing skills were lacking.

Lucy Liu with Fallon and Leno

“This is your first time with Jimmy, but I was your first,” he told Liu.

Leno started his appearance with a stand-up set, which was entertaining.
Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

He joked of the new iphone watch, saying, “Bob I didn’t mean to call you. I’m in the men’s room. I must have penis dialed you by mistake”.

Leno bid The Tonight Show farewell in February to make way for Fallon.

Jay will return to TV when he serves as Craig Ferguson’s finale Late Late Show guest Dec. 19. He’s also got a CNBC show in the works for next year.

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