Hilarious Thanksgiving Photos & Epic Turkey Day Fails (Photos/Videos)


Shhh...Sexy Thanksgiving

We’ve compiled some of our favorite funny Thanksgiving photos, epic Thanksgiving fail videos, and disturbing Turkey Day cartoons. Enjoy!

This guy looks like one happy camper with his turkey leg, liquor, and pretty ladies.  The teen girl in the back appears to be enjoying herself too.

Thanksgiving party

This kids appear thrilled to pose for their Thanksgiving portrait.  The Big Chief is loving it though!

This family really into Thanksgiving

Maybe this little pilgrim girl was pissed to be sharing her table with only Indians?

One little pilgrim flipping the bird

A little Thanksgiving prank…pregnant turkey?

Dad is having a little too much fun with his turkey carving!

Funny Thanksgiving photos

This family is obviously having a blast. Maybe they got stuck at the kid’s table this year.

These guys are having a blast

What an adorable little turkey. Just don’t call her a jive turkey.

What an adorable turkey

This precious little feline looks thrilled over his Thanksgiving feast.

You will be mine

Liquor, tons of pie, served by scantily clad chicks. What more could a guy want?

Booze, pie, and scantily clad ladies

This little devils are ready to dig into that bird!

Evil kids at Thanksgiving table

This turkey will do anything for George W. Bush to pardon him!

This turkey loves Bush

These days that probably isn’t a good sign.

Not a good sign

This child obviously has some issues.

This kid could have issues

She first let him pull her in a cart before her family ate him for dinner.

Turkey pulling a cart? 1900s Thanksgiving

 Don’t mess with this proud turkey!

Pimped out turkey

We will have to remember to use this trick to distract from our cooking skills.

Is anyone even noticing the turkey?

A little R & R before Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey preparation


Happy to see me?

Love this! This turkey has obviously had a little augmentation!

Talk about a sexy turkey


Turkey prep for beginner cooks

We have no clue why this dude is fisting this turkey. Maybe he is preparing it to be stuffed?

What the hell is going on here?

 Yes, this is supposed to be a turkey cake. We might need to steal this cake design!

Turkey cake fail

Be honest…doesn’t this look like Mr. Hanky from “South Park”? Maybe it’s Mr. Thanky?  Pretty gross though!

This does not look appetizing

 Rather disturbing but we couldn’t resist!

Disgusting but hilarious

Miley twerking turkey

We hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


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