Hilarious & Inappropriate Thanksgiving Memes: Happy Thanksgiving!


Turkey pulling a cart? 1900s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving makes us think of family, turkey and dressing, and gorging on pies and cakes. Here’s some hilarious and inappropriate Thanksgiving memes to help you celebrate the holiday!

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of you might not be able to be with your family to celebrate or may be missing a loved one this holiday, but we hope these Thanksgiving memes will bring a smile to your face!

Miley Cyrus themed turkey!

Miley Cyrus theme turkey

Joey from “Friends” was prepared to gorge himself!

Joey from Friends is ready for Thanksgiving

This little guy means business!

This cute toddler means business

Early birds get the turkey?

Early birds

Reverse Thanksgiving roles

Roles reversed Thanksgiving

Let’s be clear…

One piece of pie? nope!

We know this feeling all too well…

Eat until you pass out

Well, at least little David is honest!

Honest kid counts his blessings

Pulp Fiction Thanksgiving…maybe he’d prefer a royale with cheese?

Pulp Fiction Thanksgiving

This turkey has a sad war story…

Thanksgiving turkey got gobbled

Kim Kardashian Thanksgiving?

Kim Kardashian Thanksgiving meme

Awkward Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Sesame Street thanksgiving

Turkey gang banger

Turkey gang banger

Sounds appetizing when you put it that way!

Sounds appetizing

Grumpy Cat Thanksgiving

Grumpy cat hates Thanksgiving

Super cool Dos Esquis guy read our minds…

Dos Esquis guy Thanksgiving meme

Inappropriate Thanksgiving meme:

Thanksgiving history fun

Thanksgiving crafts by Jason Segel:

Jason Segel Thanksgiving

Bender from Futurama has his own special way of celebrating Thanksgiving

Futurama Bender Thanksgiving

Turkey gets revenge:

Badass turkey

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Thanksgiving greetings

Breaking Bad Thanksgiving


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