Why Did I Get Married’s Tasha Smith Ordered To Stay Away From Husband Keith Douglas


Actress Tasha Smith pics

“Why Did I Get Married” star Tasha Smith has been ordered to stay away from husband Keith Douglas.

Tasha’s husband filed for a restraining order against her over her abusive behavior. The judge granted the request.

Keith Douglas described a Tasha’s heavy drinking and violent rages in the documents.

The report states that the “Meet The Browns” star has threatened to kill him or to have someone else hurt him. The threats and the rages have been so bad that Douglas had to flee his home to get away from her.

Tasha Smith's husband got a restraining order against her

He claimed that Tasha told him not to fall asleep because “something will happen”. If true, that’s pretty creepy!

A judge ordered the actress to stay at least 2 yards away from Keith while they are in the home and at least 100 yards away from him when they are outside of the home.

Tasha is known for her famous “Boom!” line in Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married”.

Smith married Douglas in 2010 at her home in Los Angeles. The small ceremony was held in her living room, and the couple jetted off to enjoy a honeymoon at a lavish resort in Vegas.

Tasha Smith's husband obtains restraining order

Tasha Smith currently stars in Tyler Perry’s hit show “For Better or For Worse”.

Smith appeared on “Wendy Williams” last month and revealed she and Douglas were trying to conceive a child together.  That will be a bit difficult with the restraining order now!

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