“Why Did I Get Married” Star Tasha Smith Marital Drama Heats Up!


Actress Tasha Smith pics

Tasha Smith and her husband Keith Douglas are probably asking themselves “why did I get married”, with both accusing each other of violence.

Just last week, Keith obtained a restraining order against his wife and now the actress has filed papers claiming her husband lashes out violently and accuses her of having sexual relations with women.

In the legal paperwork, Tasha claims that her jealous husband flies into violent rages and screaming matches and accuses her of being a “f**king dy*e”.

Smith also said she fears for her life, worried she could wind up dead “like Michael Jace’s’ wife”.  You may recall Jace, an actor on “The Shield” shot and killed his wife.

The actress stated, “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me.”

Tasha Smith's husband obtains restraining order

Smith claims to have proof of her husband’s abusive and violent behavior, and has celebrity friends that can back her up. Actresses Tisha Campbell Martin and Elizabeth Rohm are named in the court document.

Last week, Keith Douglas filed a restraining order against his wife. He said he had grown tired of Tasha Smith’s drunken binges and her violent temper.

The judge granted the request and ordered Tasha Smith to stay 2 yards away from Keith Douglas while at home, and 100 yards away when they are outside the home.

The couple both still live in their marital home.  This is crazy!

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