Former “Friends” Co-Stars Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow In “Curse-Off” (VIDEO)


Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston try and out-curse one another

Jennifer Aniston battled her former “Friends” co-star Lisa Kudrow in a potty mouth contest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Kudrow and Aniston played a round of Celebrity Curse-Off.  Find out which actress won!

Jennifer, 45, was on the late night show promoting her new film “Horrible Bosses 2”.

Kimmel brought out a surprise contestant to battle Aniston, with the audience erupting into cheers as Kudrow came out.

Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston spent five minutes cursing in the game, which involves two celebrities shouting expletives at each other until one of them runs out of curse words.

Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston on Kimmel show

Aniston resorted to a Greek curse and Kudrow to a French one when they begin running out of English ones.

Then Kudrow shouts “snap pants” and ends the match—somehow, “snap pants” isn’t a term that has to be bleeped out on TV.

In the end, Jennifer Aniston was declared the winner.

Aniston has a new movie, “Cake”, due out next year.  She plays the role of a dowdy woman who falls for a widower and begins to have hallucinations of his dead wife.

Kudrow stars in the HBO series “The Comeback”, where she plays a washed-up actress that resorts to doing reality TV in a desperate bid for fame.

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