Ellen DeGeneres As Anastasia In 50 Shades Of Grey! (VIDEO)


Ellen DeGeneres in 50 Shades of Grey

Talk show host and hilarious comedienne Ellen DeGeneres claims she has replaced Dakota Johnson in “50 Shades of Grey”, sharing the movie trailer parody video.

We all remember Jamie Dornan replaced “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey (something we are all still crying about), but now it appears Dakota has also been replaced.

Ellen did a funny spoof where she placed herself in the film as Anastasia Steele.

Introducing the clip, Ellen said, “Over the years, I’ve shown a lot of scenes from different movies that I’ve been cut out of. What happens is I get cast and show up and I work like a professional. I learn my lines and I really prepare the scenes, and for some stupid reason, the part gets cut—until now. The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is coming out net year and I am so happy and proud to say I got the lead role, and I am definitely going to be the lead in the movie.”

The comedienne added, “They’re acting like it’s Dakota Johnson. It’s not. It’s me. Because no one know knows their way around a whip more than me.”

Ellen DeGeneres as Anastasia Steele

The spoof shows Anastasia first meeting Christian in his office, where he tells her, “I like to see your face. It gives me some clue what you might be thinking.”

She replies, “What I’m thinking?” After some thought, she says, “Well, I was just thinking about how fun it is to get pears around Christmastime and how each one of ’em is individually wrapped in foil and how beautiful they are, like a little present. Can you imagine if all fruit was like that? I mean, cherries or blueberries or raspberries? Each one of ’em you’d have to unwrap, but it would be a present. That’s what I was thinking”.

In other scene, Christian plays the piano as Anastasia covers her nude body with a blanket and bursts into song.

Ellen Degeneres sings Maneater

Ellen begins to sing the Hall & Oates hit “Maneater”.

After debuting the trailer, DeGeneres said, “I promise you are not gonna recast.”

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