Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns to “Fox & Friends”: Reveals Cancer Scare (VIDEO)


Elisabeth Hasselbeck explains absence

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to “Fox & Friends” after a month-long absence on Friday, explaining that she had undergone surgery to remove a tumor from her abdomen.

The anchor and former “View” host waited a week to find out if the tumor was cancerous, but revealed that doctors gave her a clean bill of health.

The 37-year-old host and married mother-of-three had been missing from the show for a month, with fans wondering about her mysterious absence.

Hasselbeck made her return to the television show on October 15.

Hasselbeck became emotional as she said doctors found the tumor last month and instructed her to undergo surgery immediately, saying they didn’t like how it looked.

Elisabeth had to wait an agonizing week to find out whether it was cancerous or not.

She revealed, “We had real serious talks at home and honest ones with the kids”.

She received a good report, but admits she had prepared herself for the worst.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to show

The co-host told viewers, “So many people I know have stared down the barrel of that cancer gun, and looked at it when they have gotten bad news… and done remarkable things, courageously to fight it.  So I knew if I got that kind of news I would be in their wings and, by their example, able to fight it. I didn’t get that message from my doctors. I got a clear and clean bill of health and I’m thankful. ”

She thanks her family, friends, producers, viewers and Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes for their prayers and support.

Hasselbeck said, “I could not be more thankful for my family and my friends who’ve stuck by me with incredible support. This entire Fox family treated me like family the entire way. I’m certainly not a person who takes a lot for granted, but I certainly don’t take it for granted now”.

Hasselbeck, Doocy and co-host Eric Bolling then celebrated with a cake made by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, who was just arrested for DUI.

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