These Elderly People Are Rocking Totally Inappropriate T-shirts!


Old people in hilarious tees

We find elderly people wise and adorable, which is why seeing them in these naughty t-shirts crack us up.

Maybe they have no clue what they mean or found them as a great bargain? Or they could be just too old to really give a darn.

This old guy’s vibe attracts the young ladies?

The ladies love this old guy

This guy’s mugshot t-shirt was pretty amusing. He should have stayed in that day.

This guy should have stayed in today


This guy must have taken his Metamucil!

TMI tee

We really hope this guy owns a dachshund!

A dangerous wiener

This old guy has a sense of humor.

A true feminist?

This Grandma likes to party!

Grandma with attitude

Oops, the secret is out!

His big secret?

This granny lets it all hang out… or down.

Adult film star granny?

Maybe he thought it said Visa?

Does he know what his shirt says?

A proud club member apparently.

Does this club exist?

This old guy has an attitude and a sense of humor.

Old guy with attitude

We think her naughty grandkids were dressing her up. She obviously likes the finer things in life.

Grandkids dressing grandma

Maybe older and out of shape, but still better than you.

Old but in shape

Granny not a fan of douchey hipsters.

Granny doesn't like hipsters

Love this shirt and he has a point!

Hilarious t-shirt

This cute old lady surely doesn’t mean it.

Cute grandma in mean shirt

Watch out ladies, this guy is charging up!

Bald guy is sexy machine

Old guy with attitude. Don’t make fun of his pink tee.

Boom..jokes on you

Don’t mess with this hot grandma.

Old chick with attitude

Surely this old dude has no clue what his t-shirt means.

Just wow!

Cool old dude exudes swagger.

Too much swagger

Not good at remembering punchlines but likes to diss your mama.

Funny old guy tee

Please tell us this sweet old lady has no clue what her t-shirt says. Yikes!

Old cookie lady in naughty tee

This guy might be named Richard, but still a great t-shirt.

Awesome shirt

OK, this one grosses us out a bit.


Old lady in hilarious t-shirt.

Funny t-shirt on old lady


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