“Duck Dynasty” Star Sadie Robertson Performs Adam & Eve Dance (VIDEO)


Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas Adam & Eve dance

Last night was “dynamic duos” night on “Dancing With The Stars”, with “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson and her dance partner Mark Ballas going all the way back to the first important duo…Adam and Eve!

Sadie and Mark’s contemporary dance was performed to Alanis Morissette’s song “Uninvited” and was performed by BC Jean.

Sadie wanted to do her very best on the dance because of her Christian faith.

The dimpled beauty said, “Because it’s such an iconic story and it’s a message from the Bible … I do feel pressure to make it right”.

Mark Ballas spoke before their dance, sharing that he was upset by the judge’s reactions to their previous performance last week.

Judge Len Goodman addressed Ballas’ misgivings, pairing it with a compliment about the Adam and Eve number.

Len said, “Does this mean we’re not going clubbing tonight? I love your creativity, I love your passion. … I only say what I see and try to be honest. But on that performance, you won’t be banished from the Garden of Eden. You’re back next week. Well done.”

Sadie Robertson does dance as Eve from the Bible

Judge Julianne Hough says, “I absolutely loved it, there was a maturity that we haven’t seen from you and that was, to me … beyond anything that we’ve seen and it was so perfect for what you obviously portray.”

Bruno Tonioli stated, “You’ve come such a long way, my darling. The detail in the choreography and the difficulty that we’ve thrown at you, it’s unbelievable how you did.”

The pair walked away with 38 points, their highest score yet this season.

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