Creed’s Scott Stapp Placed On Psychiatric Hold Last Week: Gives New Interview (AUDIO)


Scott Stapp crazy or being targeted

Former Creed singer Scott Stapp is in the headlines after revealing he is penniless and homeless, with his estranged wife claiming he is mentally ill due to drug abuse.

But Stapp spoke out in a new interview, which leaves us wondering if there is a smear campaign against him…or if he’s really nuts!

Creed singer Scott Stapp was placed in a psychiatric hold after Florida police officers discovered him on the side of a road “wasted” and rambling about someone trying to poison him on November 13.

The frontman appeared to be drunk or on drugs and was placed on a 72-hour psych hold.

Stapp’s wife, Jaclyn Stapp, who has filed for divorce, claimed in new legal docs that Scott hears voices and has visions of people on fire.

Jaclyn Nesheiwat and Scott Stapp

She said he left a message with the dean of his kid’s school on November 10, warning that the school was about to become the target of an ISIS attack.

Jaclyn claims the singer has been on a drug binge fueled by steroids, weed, cocaine, PCP, Special K, Crystal meth, and various prescription drugs.

His estranged wife also said Stapp has threatened to kill himself.

Scott Stapp performing in Florida 2010

The news of Scott’s problems came to light after he posted a bizarre, black and white confessional-style video to his Facebook page.

Stapp claimed he was homeless after having most of his money and royalty payments stolen.  He also said the IRS had frozen his bank accounts due to an unrelated clerical error.

In the video, he tried to set the record straight about his sobriety, saying reports about his drug and alcohol abuse were “lies.”

Scott Stapp broke and homeless?

Stapp said, “I don’t understand why all this is happening to me.  I’ve been harassed, I’ve been stalked, my name and reputation has been slandered all over the Internet”.

On Friday, Jaclyn dismissed her petition to have Scott imprisoned, hoping to convince him to seek professional help.

Scott Stapp appeared in Toronto’s Kiss 92.5 yesterday to discuss his situation and the claims being made about him, believing that the IRS took all of his money because he spoke out against Obama.

So is Scott a nutcase or could some of what he is saying be true?


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